Jesse Jaeger

Artist Bio

Born in Atlanta, Jesse Jaeger became drawn to art at a young age, and has been working professionally in the industry for almost a decade.  

Jesse began showing in 2007.  Since then, he has continuously had art at exhibitions throughout the years, while also working as a graphic designer.  Various organizations along the east coast have commissioned his art and design, constructing a wide scope of work in his wheelhouse throughout his career.  

The streets on which he was raised are the major influencers of his art.  Jesse also draws inspiration from both graffiti and street art, abandoned buildings, urban existence, hand-painted signs, and the ebb and flow of daily living.  Fueled by more than one cup of coffee, his daily creative mixes sketching and street art, as seen by his original cartoons sprawled across legal mediums in the city.

His work has been described as fluid caricatures, with stark contrast between his black and white strokes.  To Jesse, his style is all over the place, meant to flow without being uniform.  His ideation technique is similar to navigating a packed dance floor, taking something chaotic and simplifying it.  

Jesse currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

Selected Group Exhibitions

June 2015: Design Art Show, General Assembly, Atlanta, GA
May 2015: Secret Walls, Counter Point, Atlanta, GA
February 2015: Bikes to Brush Split solo show, Garage Projects, Atlanta, GA
November 2014: King of Pops Endless Summer Charity, Masq, Atlanta, GA

April 2014: 30 Artist in 30 Days, The Goat Farm, Atlanta, GA
March 2014: "Absolut Vodka Transform Today", The Nook, Atlanta, GA

February 2014: "Show Me The Munny", Mindzai Creative, Atlanta, GA

November 2013: Collections of Connections, Kai Lin Art, Atlanta, GA

 October 2013: Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler, Westside Cultural Arts Center, Atlanta, GA
October 2013: "Ghouls Night Out", Mindzai Creative, Atlanta, GA
October 2012: Art Official, W Hotel, Atlanta, GA
April 2012: Cinema Art Show, GraveYard Tavern, Atlanta, GA
February 2012: Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Show, GraveYard Tavern, Atlanta, GA
October 2011: Creative Loafing Fall 2011 Art Boxes Series and Art Show, Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta, GA
March 2011: “Spirit Animal”, Mint Gallery, Atlanta, GA
February 2011: “Enchanted Creatures”, The Mattress Factory Lofts, Atlanta, GA
December 2010: “Home Show”, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA
September 2010: “Wham”, The Goat Farm, Atlanta, GA
June 2010: “Living Walls Art Auction and Celebration of Badasses”, Mint Gallery, Atlanta, GA
March 2010: “Mail Me Something”,  Art House, Brooklyn, NY January 2010: Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Show, GraveYard Tavern, Atlanta, GA
December 2009: “Postcard Pinup Show”, Mint Gallery, Atlanta, GA
October 2009: 3rd Annual ASIFA Art Show, WonderRoot, Atlanta, GA
May 2009: “I love Atlanta”, Wonder Root, Atlanta, GA May 2009: “To Dough or to Donut”, Sublime Doughnuts, Atlanta, GA June 2007: “Pink!” Breast Cancer Benefit, Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Selected Commissions

June 2016: Church Murch, Mural, Atlanta, GA

June 2016: Forward Warrior, Mural, CabbageTown, GA
February 2016: Rickenbacker Guitar case for a collector
December 2015: Art Basel, Mural, Miami, FL

July 2014: The Republic Social House, PBR Mural, Atlanta, GA

June 2014: Forward Warrior, Mural, CabbageTown, GA

June 2014: Nightsprout, Inside Mural, Atlanta, GA 

June 2014: Avatar Event Group, Inside Mural, Atlanta, GA

June 2014: Love Is Art Kits, Mural, Atlanta, GA

May 2014: Shear Love, Inside Mural, Atlanta, GA
June 2013: Cruzado, Inside Mural, Atlanta, GA
May 2013: Thunder Box Studios, Outside Mural, Atlanta, GA
April 2013: Villains Wicked Heroes , Inside Mural, Atlanta, GA

December 2012: Red Bull, 7" Slip Mat, Southeast, USA
December 2012: Cruzado, Inside Mural , Atlanta, GA


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